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Hi. I've tried to search for it, but no success.
I've started the software update for Huawei p20 lite, the download part was i think okay, but now it stuck with the huawei starting screen. As it has no backups in the cloud and elsewhere, and we have no computers around, how can we solve the issue without damage to the files (mostly photos)?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Was this an official system update pushed over the air via the System Updates menu option? Or did you download the file from some website and try to install it manually?

If it's been stuck on the boot screen for a really long time, then force a shutdown by pressing and holding Power for about 30 seconds. Wait a few seconds, then power on again normally. If it still freezes, then something went wrong with the update. You may have to try booting into Recovery Mode and doing a cache partition wipe: If that doesn't work, then your only option would be to try a factory reset.

This should be an important lesson about how crucial it is to keep your data backed up or synced on a regular basis.

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