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Huawei P9 audio port problem


AC Question

I dropped my phone which resulted in a broken LCD screen and the jack port was a bit different after that, the headphones still worked, but sometimes I had to fiddle with it a bit. After a few days only my speakers worked from the jack, not the buds.
I took the phone apart, fixed the screen, now I'm checking what problem the port can possibly have, but I can't see anything broken, all the wires still connected, but when I plug the jack in it doesn't give that clicking noise that it would be in place.
Anyone has any idea what that can be? Like it doesn't go all the way in or something. It's not dust, already tried that.



Moderator Team VP
Apr 23, 2011
The headphone jack could somehow be physically messed up. I would try to change the headphone jack to see if it fixes your problem