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I accidentally wiped out my contacts on my Verizon GalaxyGZOne how do i retrieve it


AC Question

I accidentally cleared all my contacts on my Verizon Galaxy GZOne. How do I retrieve my contacts

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Were the contacts saved to your Google account or to the local Phone account? On your desktop browser, go to contacts.google.com, log into your Google account, and see if the contacts are still there.

If you don't see them there, then the contacts were likely just saved to the local Phone account, which doesn't sync or backup anywhere automatically -- it's up to you do to that. If you never backed them up, then they're gone -- sorry! In the future, take advantage of your Google account and always save your contacts there, not to the Phone account.

BTW, the G'zOne is a Casio phone, not a Samsung Galaxy phone.