I admit, I'm late for this part....


May 15, 2012
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Goooooooood Morning and Howdy do!!

Okay so I've been reading a bit here n there and just noticed this section, mainly because search engines point me to what I've needed from here, and since I now see this it must be time for my introduction. A lot of people call me Computer Dave or Mr. Fix-it, but I'm just a geek with a pretty decent understanding of ones and zeroes and volts and milli-ohms and Gigawatts. I usually make my money by fixing anything electronic, and that mostly by luck of understanding the flow of electricity. Lately I've been asked by many to 'jail-break' this or that, and I respond with "Get that crapple outta my sight," followed by explaining to them that you can't jail-break an Android phone, and I will not repair any Apple products. (Mainly cuz they never go back together as pretty as they were when they came apart, but I also despise Apple.) So after using these well-laid-out guides to rooting, un-bricking, and modding, here we are, and I have even gotten my own Android (on my second one now) and can't wait to get CM9 on the new one, but will most likely be making my own ROM pretty soon. So I'm here, introduced, and ready to find out if there's anyone who can help me on my next issue. I'll be over in the Optimus V section for the nest few hours, til I get the data working on my customer's twice-un-bricked OV, or looking for mods for my new Huawei U8652. Party on, Garth!

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