i am an idiot and other musings

Deranged Cat

Jan 15, 2011
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hi. im an idiot.
I was applying a Skinomi screen protector (which is great btw, feels very smooth and non-rubbery) and i was impatient, so i put my Shift in front of a heater. Well i guess it was too high heat for too long, because now my home button is completely unresponsive.

Thank god for $7 total equipment protection, but seriously guys, dont take shortcuts or be an idiot like me.

PS. while i'm here, i wanna say that although I LOVE the ES4G, here are some of my complaints:
- the power button eventually gets sticky/clicky
- the phone's signal strength is significantly reduced when something is blocking the area around the HTC Logo
- the GPS takes forever to lock on!
- i wish the trackpad was illuminated
- why is the micro-sd card slot UNDER the battery?
- and why don't we have the new HTC Sense?


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Feb 5, 2011
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Good to know. Was there a deductible for that?

You can save a little wear and tear on your power button by installing the lock screen app from the market. You put a shortcut to it on your home screen, so when you want to turn off the screen and lock the device, just tap that icon. Reduces your power button use by 50% since you now only have to use it to turn the phone on.

GPS does take forever on this phone. You can turn on the "use wireless networks" option which seems to help a little (I think it gives the GPS a starting point which helps, but I'm not positive about that). Drawback is significant battery drain and sending Google your location all day long, which I find creepy. Mine is off and I'm noticing massive improvement in battery life, so I'll live with longer GPS lock times.