I am being swamped with spam emails on my samsun g tablet and phone. Unsubscribing does not work.


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Can't find how to block or direct to a spam folder.
Talk in simple language. I am I T dyslexic.


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Oct 8, 2013
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The spam issue is not an issue that your tablet has; its an issue you have with your specific email account. You'll need to go online, better from a pc, and login to your email account, and look into their spam settings to see what you can do to filter the junk out.

Here's an example on how to search for this kind of help, on say, Google:

How to filter spam emails on Gmail Email?

Now, if you're using yahoo mail, then just replace "gmail" with yahoo. If you're using an internet provider's email account, then search the same way, for example, how to filter spam mail on "Comcast"

Hope this helps!