I am off contract but Verizon hassled me about getting a GSIII


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Apr 23, 2011
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Back in April 11, I bought the Thunderbolt on a 1 year contract. Order was messed up on Verizon's end, so they replaced it. Somehow in the process, it was switched to a 2 year contract, when I tried to activate the phone. After over an hour, the issue was resolved (or so I thought) and my contract end date was changed to April 12.

I figure, this being June, I should be able to place an order, no problem. Not true. I tried online but to no avail. Verizon said that even though my contract ended in April 12, that I could NOT upgrade until December 12. After discussion and the csr talking to the manager a few times, and after 80 minutes on the phone, the issue was finally resolved and they let me order the GS3.

BTW, it seems like I have a problem with almost every phone order with Verizon. Maybe just my bad luck. :(


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Sep 8, 2011
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Re: I am off contract but Verizon hassled me about getting a GSII

Same thing happened to me. I bought an iPhone and it was defective (cold shut down every day for about 10 days before I sent it back). They extended my 2 year contract but never put it back to last May when I returned the phone. I didn't realize this until I tried to preorder the S3 last week. On the phone for about an hour (they tried to tell me I never returned the iPhone!!!). However, it was corrected in the end and then I was able to do the preorder. But it was a PITA. Next time there are any changes to my account, I am logging in much more frequently to make sure things are not messed up!



Jun 11, 2011
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Re: I am off contract but Verizon hassled me about getting a GSII

Same thing happened to me too. I had to exchange my thunderbolt for screen issues (w/in my 14 days from release day). I like to make sure my vzw account is up to date so I went to check on our upgrade days after the exchange and saw that my 1 year contract turned into 2 years! I called them up immediately and we were able to resolve the situation w/in 20 minutes.


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Apr 21, 2011
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Re: I am off contract but Verizon hassled me about getting a GSII

I have been with VZW since 2003 and always got a 1yr contract. The S3 is the first 2yr contract for me. At any rate, I had to call CS every time because the in store salesperson would "somehow" mistakenly ring it up as a two year. This is even after I paid the 1yr price for the phone. I gathered that they intentionally do this for commission. I can't stand it either.

When they did away with annual contacts, they said customers didn't want them. Right. I've never seen a salesperson offer one and they were less than enthusiastic to help when they discovered that's what I wanted. Verizon's sales commission structure is what motivated them. It was set up to sway everyone away from annual contracts and ultimately cause you to get it all corrected.
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Jun 12, 2012
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Re: I am off contract but Verizon hassled me about getting a GSII

They really seem to be shockingly bad with some aspects of customer service. It took about 35 minutes yesterday to simply place the order in a VZW corporate store. First they couldn't figure out how to get into our account. Then the GS3 showed up as sold out everywhere, so they had to do it "another way" to get access to the inventory. Then for some reason their system wouldn't take my AmEx number without asking for more information that didn't exist.

This was after it took days after the new plan announcement to get word across the organization that the GS3 preorders would keep unlimited data, and then the store employees still don't know what will happen if you pay full retail for a LTE phone after 6/28 and are currently on 3G. If I wasn't worried about losing my unlimited data just to try another carrier, I would be real tempted to get out of this Verizon universe. The problem is, every carrier has their own crap customer service stories. If I was going to lose unlimited on this new plan system, I'd probably grab a Nexus and go try T-Mobile prepaid.

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