I believe my phone and my wife's were hacked how do I see where the jack was entered or launched?

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Joseph Crone

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Sep 22, 2019
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Ok my wife and I seen that in our google accounts we had two extra devices connected to our accounts both our google accounts are linked together. Well I had $50.00 come out of my bank account to Comcast and ive never had dealings with them. Then our phones went haywire sounded like a rat was chewing through my speaker. All my settings started working themselves I it was like a war lol I would stop sync and it would cut on by itself my top screen would scroll by itself and it was crazy it's not doing it now I factory data reset my phone and it was a battle to do that it's like I was being stopped so whatever was happening could keep going the noose coming through the phone was just crazy creepy. Mind you this is happening to both of our phones and also we were getting notifications from google that there was a security breach in our account and to verify if it was us it was wild. I wanna know what they went through could it have been my fault? I had gotten an account with Google Platform seems like this happened after I installed and made the account with my debit card. How do I find out where they came through at? And still even after reset I still a having some setting toggles not even letting me control them at all. I seen a have a connected app called Google Allo and it was on that's a file sharing app I've never installed. It was a wild night dealing with it I mean my camera would cut on on it's own sounded someone was breathing in my phone lol I swear!!! Anyway need some help thx!! Our phones are Samsung J3 Luna pro of that helps.
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