I bricked my phone [HELP] {SAMSUNG GALAXY J6}

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So,I wanted to flash a GSI pixel rom on my j6.After a while I found a twrp compatible with my device and used odin to flash the file.I made a backup of my system on my sd card and proceeded to follow the instructions on flashing the rom. Somewhere in the tutorial there was some misinformation and I decided I didn't want to risk my device,wrote a comment asking for deeper coverage, and then tried to restore my backup.I slide the thingy,call it a day and then it shows the logo like usual.After a minute or so, it vibrates and then goes black screen.Since then I have tried everything, from pressing the buttons for more than 20 seconds to nand erasing with odin v3 but nothing appears to work(nand erase fails).From what I can tell its a soft brick since it turns off and then back on every around 10 minutes by itself.Also when I plug it in my computer it makes the connected noise and odin actually detects the device.I also tried the built-in download mode in odin but it fails for some reason.I even tried downloading the 300k Samsung tool but my pc wont let me because it says its a virus(have tried different browsers and links).I assume this is a very long boot loop ~10 minutes and i have nothing else to do.Most of the hardware stores are closed because of the Corona Virus and I just want to get in download mode so I can flash the stock firmware from SamMobile but I cant access it.Does anyone have any tips or am I doing something wrong here-I don't have much experience other than 4 devices that I have rooted and flashed-any reply would be greatly appreciated take care.

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