I Can't Boot or My SM-T230NU (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4)


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Feb 26, 2019
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have a huge issue. My SM-T230NU (Samsung galaxy tab 4) won't move passed the loading screen. instead, on boot it stays on the Samsung screen. Now, im guessing i messed something up. basically, i went onto a PC and took EVERY file, (yes even the hidden ones) and moved it to my USB drive. then, (since i hadn't touched my tablet for a while, nothing happened to it, still good as when i stopped using it.) i came back to the tablet, and it wasn't working right. i let the tablet be all night a full 12 hrs and it didn't move from the Samsung screen. Then i began loading random ROM files onto the micro sd and i erased everything on there, all the data, factory reset the tablet, cleared everything from the micro sd card as well, and guess what! Nothing. nothing changed. then i thought, okay what happens if i put those old files back onto the micro sd card. NOTHING, again. i have tried calling samsung, best buy and all that and so far, no one can fix it.

The question, is what do i do?
Should i install something?
Get a new one?
Forget it and sell it?
What do i do?

Please if ANYONE can help me that'd be great! I Really Appreciate It!


Feb 23, 2011
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At this point, there's no telling what may be going on, which is why you don't install random stuff without plenty of research first. I'd just buy a new one at this point. If something like this happens again, take it to a shop or send it to the manufacturer to repair instead of trying to fix it yourself.

I wouldn't sell it unless you're up front that it's a non-working device. That means you're basically selling it for parts and not going to get much for it. If you can take advantage of a trade in program that will accept it in its current condition, then that would be fine too (trade-ins typically get refurbished).


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Feb 12, 2012
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Moved? Or dragged?

If you moved all the files off the phone, you have nothing left on the phone any more. Then you'll probably have to reflash the ROM (see [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN).

If you just dragged them, it could be almost anything (since dragging just copies, so it only reads the phone, it doesn't change anything on it. In that case, you could still try reflashing the ROM, or you could bring the phone to a repair sop.

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