I do not understand about the web plans!!

Aug 28, 2010
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I am a TMobile customer on a family Even More plan (with talk, text and web) and three of the four lines have unlimited data plan on them. I am looking to add the unlimited data plan on the fourth line in order to get the full discount on the smartphones that require webplans. However, I am a bit confused. If I choose to add internet service to the line online, it is $20 and it even states in the plan online that it is $20 additional for each line that wants unlimited data. However, when I went to the TMobile store today for its promotion, they said the data plan is $30 and they listed that in their brochures. So I am duped. Which is it Tmo? $20? $30? Currently all my lines have "4G data plan unlimited" for $20 each line, so I don't understand WHY it is $30? Or am I mistaken about something? TMobile even lists on its "Even More 3000 Family Plan (Talk + Text + Web)" as web being only $20.

So can I upgrade my line to get the $20 data plan and get the free smartphone? What is it that I don't understand here? Anyone work at Tmobile can help me?



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Feb 24, 2011
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If you're on the promotional family plan (3000 minutes, text, web) then you do get the promotional $20 data and that will satisfy your rebate. Otherwise on any other family plan (that's not a promo) it's $30 to at the unlimited data to a line. I know for myself when I first started working at T-Mobile it was a little confusing to keep track of it all, but hopefully that helps.

Promo plan gets the promo web ($10 for the 200 MB and $20 for the unlimited)
Standard plans have standard web ($15 for the 200 MB and $30 for the unlimited)

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