I Don't Want My Gear S3 to Connect to My Phone for Call Audio....Ever. Can I Do That?

Brew Swayne

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Oct 30, 2015
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As the title says, I don't **ever** want my Gear S3 to be able to send/receive phone calls. Why? Because I've used that function maybe 3 times over the year+ that I've had the watch, so it just isn't important to me, but also because when that setting is turned on, it creates havoc when I connect to my car audio system. I can play music from my phone just fine, but whenever I try to make/receive a phone call, my phone disconnects from my car stereo. And this is very important to me.

I know I can go into the BT settings on my phone and turn off Call Audio, which is fine. Problem is that whenever the connection between phone and watch is disrupted for any reason (reboot phone, reboot watch, software updates that require reboot, etc, etc), I have to go back into BT Settings and switch it back off once connection is restored between my phone and watch because Call Audio is turned back on by default.

Sure, I can simply turn it off each time this happens. It's not like this is a regular thing that happens daily or even weekly, but probably at least every 2 weeks for one reason or another. It's kind of annoying to have to do this every...single...time. Is there a way to keep this turned off permanantly, or do I just need to deal with this minor, but annoying inconvenience?

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