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I Don't Want to leave Android Please Help


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Aug 15, 2016
Hello everyone I apologize if I am not the first one to bring this up but I did a quick search on here and did not find what I'm after. I feel like I have done a decent amount of research and am really hoping to find an answer here. To start I own a Moto G 3rd gen on T-mobile with 10gb high speed data/month. My brother has an IPhone 6s on Sprint with unlimited data. What I am wondering and getting really frustrated with is why I cannot receive/send videos without them looking terrible (downgraded). My brother can send and receive Full HD, 4k, and hd slow mo videos to and from others through IMessage which is apples texting system. I thought that using chomp or textra would alleviate this problem by allowing me to increase the size of attachments but this hasn't helped, in fact when he sent me a video that was only a few seconds long in 720p it chomp said stagefright. Is it a carrier problem? If so do other carriers allow other amounts? In the settings for Chomp it lists 2mb, 4mb and carrier has no limit. Do other carriers allow higher amounts, and if so what carriers? Another question is if were to buy a higher end android (S7) would that help? I have even installed an aftermarket camera app called Z camera which allows me to adjust the size/quality of the picture and videos I'm taking so I can lower the quality of the recording. Using Z camera settings I set my back and front facing cameras to record in .41mp (480x864) 9:16 aspect ratio and the quality dropped but it still isn't able to send. I know that Imessage allows up to 100mb for the attachment and uses data to send/receive. I'm wondering why I can't do the same using the 3rd party app Chomp, or Textra and use data to send messages with HD video. I spoke with T-mobile and they said the highest I can do is 2mb before they cut it down but suggested talking with lg about why iphone apples can seemingly send unlimited sized attachments. My thinking is that if I switched to Sprint I could use a third party app like Chomp or Textra and use the unlimited mms just like my brother uses via imessage but with a higher end phone. I'm hoping to stay with an Android phone as I really like the interface and layout etc. and would rather not switch to Iphone however the lack of being able to send hd videos is driving me crazy. If it's a problem with the carrier I am willing to switch, if it is a phone, I'll buy a better one but if it's a something to do with the messaging why the frick hasn't anyone invented an app that allows unlimited sized attachments? Isn't that what Chomp and Textra are for? Thank you for taking the time to read, David.
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the tall guy

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Sep 23, 2013
Hi, have you tried using apps like Whatsapp and Hangouts? these are in direct competition with Imessage. Chome and Textra just replace your stock messaging app.


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Jun 20, 2015
Yeah this is an issue that I hate. I have AT&T and it's pretty bad. This has nothing to do with your phone, it's about carriers. You are gonna need to use hangouts, Kik, whatsapp, or something like that because it doesn't use text messages or go through carriers. I recommend waiting for Google allo because that is gonna be awesome.


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Aug 3, 2016
Been There, Done That & Still doing that..

Clearly one does need a new type of messaging service which will support multiple avenues. Now I've tied hangouts blah blah blah.. but nothing suits my style.. and I'm done creating accounts & giving out my email with other services just to use their messenger.

We're dealing with being limited to texting via MMS or SMS and that's it.. I have seen and read there are messengers which use wifi protocol in order to send data/messages etc.. but again I'm not willing to fork over anymore of my info just to use these services. Cause more have ads which bother me at the most inopportune times.

Note: Within my searches, I've heard and seen a small plug in device which connects you to a different provider just so you can have a better and more stable signal or wifi connection.. I believe these small devices simply plug into your USB power port and there's a 1 time fee of around $40.00 - $80.00.

The only other option and we're considering this ourselves is switch plans.. and it's simple to do. There are plan kits at Bestbuy etc which offer the "Keep your phone, but switch provider plan" makes since too.


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013
Alternative - once the content is uploaded to your Photos account (you ARE backing up your photos there, right?) share the image or video as a link. You're not uploading the video or image file AGAIN in order to send it and the recipient can view it in full quality.

Sure, it's a LITTLE extra work but it's compatible with iMessage, no extra account is needed since you already have a Google account and you can share the content in full quality. I don't even think the recipient needs a Google account.

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