I dropped my phone in the water, and now it has purple bruise-like spot


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Mar 6, 2019
So, I was doing my thing in the bathroom just a while ago, and I was using phone scrolling and pinning stuff on Pinterest when I kind of dropped my Galaxy A7 in the tub. Of course, I took it right away and semi panicked. I took the phone casing off, then kind of sucked the water out of the ports (I've always done that when it kinda gets wet and it works. Although it wasn't as bad as this one). Only half of the phone was soaked because I got a hold of my phone quickly, but not quick enough to save the entirety of it.

The phone didn't shut down which is good, I think. So I tried to swipe up the lockscreen, but it kinda won't work, so I sucked out water more from the ports and then it finally worked. I used it, and it's just perfectly working like normal. I'm even using it right now for typing this. The only thing is, there's now a purple bruise-like spot on the lower part aligned just above the headphone jack. It's now spreading, and I'm afraid that it would take over the whole screen.

You could say I've already had a trauma because of this before. I had a Note 2 before, and I accidentally dropped some ethyl alcohol on the screen. Just the screen, not on the ports. It was laying on a flat table, and was sanitizing my hands with the alcohol but I kinda poured so much and it dropped on the phone. It had a tiny purple bruise-like spot on it as well, just like this one now on my new phone. It then kept getting big then eventually covering up the whole screen and it just completely blacked out.

How can I stop and completely remove this purple spot on my phone or at least kinda slow the spreading down because the repair man is kind of far? Help please.


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Jun 10, 2014

I don't think you can do anything to stop the spreading. Eventually the screen will need replacing. BUT, bear in mind that water may have got into the phone, and may be causing progressive damage to the electronic components; so that screen repair may not be worthwhile. Even if there is no water damage, screen replacement may cost more than the value of the phone.
Things could hardly be worse, could they? :(