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I FINALLY was able to move photos + to my SD card.... BUT


Active member
Dec 24, 2014
After 2 years of having this Galaxy S7 I was finally able to move {photos +} to my sd card without getting the message "Failed or unable".... see below ps for how to.

MY QUESTION.. only 1 of my folders now show the camera AND the sd card both as storage... I am afraid to delete the camera in fear of deleting them on SD and Camera?? Help ********yes they are in my sd card I checked..

I am on Oreo update as of this AM, not really happy with it but...

**ps** I read another post somewhere and this worked... Steps: apps, my files, images or what ever else you want to move, 3 dots top right,edit and select 3 dots again, move, SD card, DCIM, I chose to leave the photos in separate folders so I created a folder copy and ,DONE.


Jun 15, 2018
Why don't you take the SD card out and then delete them? Then just put the SD Card back in; that way you won't have to worry about them being delete from the SD Card


New member
Jan 8, 2019
I randomly started receiving "Unable to Move" when trying to move photos/videos from a folder in my phone's storage to a folder on the SD card AND also when attempting to move items between folders that are both on my SD card.

Solution: I turned the phone off, removed the SD card, turned the phone on, and went into the gallery just to see all of the folders there (you will notice your SD card folders are not there....duh!). I then turned the phone off, put the SD card back in, and turned the phone back on. I went into the gallery, waited a minute for the gallery to recognize the SD card, and then I was able to move items to the SD card.

Not sure what happened, but everything is back to normal.