I forgot the lock screen password to my s6 Active!unlocked through samsung cant change password!


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I forgot the lock screen password to my Samsung GALAXY s6 Active! I unlocked through samsung account but I cant change password in my settings because I cant remember it. I changed it last night right before I went to sleep and I cant remember it. Please help!


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Oct 8, 2013
Hi There and THANK YOU for visiting AC!!

Totally lost here! You unlocked it with Samsung Account "Find My Moble" I'm assuming, but its still locked?? How can this be? If you unlock your phone using Samsung Account, that process changes your lock screen password, which is the only one you need to have unlocked to enter your phone.

I'll say this, because I'm still quite confused.....IF you cannot remember your password to enter your phone, and you cannot use ADM or Samsungs Find My Mobile to set new lock code, then there's no way to enter your device.

Perhaps join our forums, and elaborate further, as I appear to be missing something.