I got a note 4!


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Jun 19, 2014
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In a dramatic turn of events I left the UK Samsung experience shop with a brand new Note 4, my Note 3 Neo broke due to corruption they offered me a £100 off of a Note 4 ($160) and to be honest at first I wasn't interested because you know it's £650 well £550 with reduction ($870) and ya know its a lot of money! But then I had a go on one! What happened to TouchWiz? I actually enjoyed the experience, the camera is superb, specifications are future proof, the Samsung build was actually amazing!?!? And what about that screen? Its crisper than my TV (well.. looks it ahahaha). Seriously typing on this now every letter looks so crisp! I think you can seriously see the difference between 1440p and 1080p! I got a sweet deal too he through in a sweet leather case worth like £44.99 ($70) and a lot of freebies! Man I love my Note4 need to pair it with the Moto360 now!

One question however... In the shops they had like a yellow red contrast wallpaper on the demo units and I can't find it in my wallpapers!

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