I hate posting in forums. Can you help me get over that?


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Jan 17, 2017
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Tl;Dr - Skip first 3 parapraphs to get to my point

Ah! My somewhat beloved S7 is such a wonderful device. It is quite an ego boost to know that I have more reach than the kings, queens, and emperors of long ago. Poor Augustus!

I do envy them a bit in one regard; they will never know the sadness that impeaches my heart when a page malfunction disrupts my 1st amendment posturing. Often while preparing a eloquent riposte to a forumer who disagrees with my opinion on any given topic, my text is assaulted by the fiendish gremlins that reside within my phone.

Although I have yet to capture any of these beastly evil-doers, rest assured that I will not go easy on them once captured. My interrogation methods can be quite persuasive...

Translation: Is there an app that I can use on any forum that makes it easier to post on them? One feature would be to autosave everything I type to my cloud storage, and this would work like non-destructive film editing, so any text I backspace or otherwise delete would still be preserved.

The app would recognize that I am typing something into a message box, and bring up a word processor that is not subject to the volatile whims of these message forms. Knce I have reviewed my message, I would tap a button and it would insert it flawlessly into the forum, and adhere to its formatting requirements.
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Aug 5, 2015
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On my phone or on my computer, any time I want to make a lengthy post to a forum I use a word processor or formal text editor to compose the post, save to disk, spell and grammar checks, save to disk, copy and paste into the forum edit box.


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Jun 9, 2015
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Tapatalk gets my vote for browsing on forums and replying to this...

If I really wanted to do something big/lengthy /clever I tend to wait till I can do it on a PC, with a larger screen and proper keyboard

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