I have a iPhone 4s and wanting to switch to GS3


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Jun 8, 2012
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In January I switched to sprint from Verizon to my own plan.Ive always loved android better and never tried apple and I upgraded to the 4s 32gb. In February (cause I had no idea when the s3 came out.

Now I'm trying to see the best option how to get the s3 for sprint and getting rid of my iPhone for the gs3.

Option 1. Trade iPhone 4s for 285 at sprint and pay off contract.

Option 2: wait on Craigslist to someone who wants to trade for iPhone for s3 but it might take longer.

Option 3: buyout of contract for 165 and trade iPhone and pay difference.( my only problem is I don't wanna re apply for my discount as it took 2 months for my 20% off and I don't know if I wanna open that can of worms.

I need suggestions or just voice of reason what I should do.


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Dec 10, 2011
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OP, I know others also want to switch to S3 from iPhone 4S.

I think you can sell your iPhone on eBay at much higher price than Sprint's $285. GL.


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Jan 22, 2011
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Is there a forum on iMore in which you can trade your phone with another member?

I know that there's a "Sprint Users" site with a message board in which you can trade/sell...but you gotta pay for a membership. Not sure the cost.