I have a note 8, looking for a similar phone. looking for something around $200

Scott McComas

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Sep 25, 2018
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New to the Hauwei phones , been looking for a few days and still don't have a clue. I have been a note user for 4 years and would like to get a second phone for a fourth line that I had no clue I had. I'm a T-Mobile user and would like something that has a large screen and is reliable for Lyft /uber usage. I have both 2.4 /5g at home , thanks for the help.


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Feb 12, 2012
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The only thing missing is what's important to you, Do use the S-Pen? If so, stick with a Note. Look on swappa.com for something in the price range you want. The Note 5 is way under what you want (price-wise) and the Note 8 is more than double what you want to pay.

So unless you want to change the price range, the Note series is out, so what are the selection criteria?