I have a problem where my device's screen goes blank, why?


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I have a problem where my device's screen goes blank

I've had a G3 for about a year and recently have started having issues with the screen. Either it goes blank (black but still backlit) or it looks like someone's rubbed carbon paper carbon all over it. I'm sure it's not a hardware issue as I can turn off the screen, turn it back on and all is ok. Also, I can usually use it for most of the day before it starts happening, but then it's non-stop until I stop using it for a while.

The touchscreen still seems to work as I can touch the three Android buttons at the bottom and I get the usual feedback vibration. All my apps are up to date and I've removed all the ones I had recently added.

Having said all that, I can't seem to find a pattern. I don't think it's heat related, or any particular app or action I perform.

Anyone have any ideas?

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