I have a sandisk micro sd card from a Samsung S5 (32G) that says file is corrupted.


AC Question

C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN>chkdsk e:/f
The type of the file system is FAT32.
Volume Serial Number is 681E-39C4
The \ entry contains a nonvalid link.
Windows is verifying files and folders...
File and folder verification is complete.
Windows has made corrections to the file system.
31,830,832 KB total disk space.
16 KB in 2 hidden files.
1,136 KB in 70 folders.
4,076,512 KB in 282 files.
27,753,152 KB are available.

16,384 bytes in each allocation unit.
1,989,427 total allocation units on disk.
1,734,572 allocation units available on disk.

When I try to access the drive; it still says it's corrupted. What am I doing incorrect? Thanks.