I have battery problem with my LG G pad 7.0 (LG v410), how can I fix it?

Dong Yoon Nam

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Jul 25, 2015
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I have battery problem with my LG G pad 7.0 (LG v410)

I bought G pad 7.0 about 6 month ago in AMAZON.
and now I have some problem with battery.

When I charged it 100%, it goes 92% soon, and 63% -> 52% -> 43%
and power off soon.
There is no intermediate process like 99, 98, 97, 96.
Just drop 8~40 % one time.

And if I plug in to charger for charging, sometimes it restart automatically, sometimes it's not working with power button.

and sometimes 100% -> 3%, and I plug in to charger cable for charging,
then it's going 100% soon (maybe in 1 min)
and I plug off from charger, then it going less then 10% again.

I think it is problem with battery or mainboard, isn't it?
but now I live in Japan, so I couldn't fix it in LG elctronics service center. because I did not but it in Japan, they said.

anybody can help me? How can I fix this problem or machine ?