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I have lost note file, how to retrieve that file which I jave uninstalled

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I had built in Note file from Samsung M21 which I have Uninstaller unadvertantly, can I retrieve the original version


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Dec 6, 2011
Welcome to Android Central.

You say that you uninstalled a pre-installed app? Have you tried installing the app again to see if the new install finds the old previous notes?

More than likely even if you could find the folder that the note was stored in and there were still files there, you wouldn't be able to do anything with it. The file format is probably special to that app or is an odd file type that would require converting in order to open. So reinstall the app, check through the app settings to see if you can locate where it wants to save data, use file explorer to locate that folder, try to determine the file type (you may be able to do a web search for this information), then see if your file explorer can search for and locate all files of that type.

I'm not familiar with that app so maybe you'll get lucky and it isn't stored locally and when you install and sign in the file will be recovered.

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