I have visually dead screen on my pixel 2 xl

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...touch functionality works well, just can't see what i'm doing. I need to connect this phone to my mac to cast the screen, somehow... Any ideas ? Originally i want to connect to airdroid cast, but i need to see where to press, and for that i need to take screenshot.

Tried sending screenshots to my photos.google, but for some reason screenshots do not upload to my account and i cant remember switching backup & sync off to this folder...

Searched all internet for step by step guide for screenshot saving to photos album so i would press exact areas on the screen, but thats not working as well.

Tried Android File Transfer app on mac, that doesn't work, doesn't see my phone. ( I have USB debugging on)

So for all this HUGE mess all i need is, screenshots to upload to my account (apart from new screen, which i won't get).

Any ideas would be appreciated and tested.

Thanks in advance


Mar 6, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! So, you can get past the lockscreen on your Pixel 2 XL? My brother's Pixel 2 encountered the same dead screen issue but he was stuck at the lockscreen. How long have you had the device? Perhaps it has reached its end, unfortunately! Do you have your important information backed up?

Also, if you get a new phone or if you have a backup phone you can use, you should be able to transfer a lot over from your 2 XL (I think). If the phone can still be powered on and can withstand a charge, perhaps it will be able to transfer files to another device.

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