I hit format in error. Can I retrieve photos?


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1.) I've been going through my new s7 in settings. You hit each thing, then a list of ~what that does pips up, you read it & decide do I eant it. So thats ehat Ive been doing.
Regarding sims cd, I saw formatting, didnt kniw what it was...hit it to see choices & if Id eant to do that. (To late it just did it & I didn't know what it was doing) most all programs, especially something so critical. They will say:By hitting format this eil clear (errase) all data on your card. (Do ypu still eant to format?) Or something like that! This is so Important. Like I said. I was going through all settings & most did nothing but show samples or something until I hit (apply). Now something that affects, months of phito memories, photos of events critical in my life are GONE! IS THERE ANYTHING, ANYTHING I CAN DO?) If you know how to get the vompany to put a warning here first, please do. They have it in much less critical placed. Help me retrieve my photos? Is it at all posdible?
Thank you.


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Aug 5, 2015
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If the photos are stored on an SD card, you may be able to put the card into a card reader attached to your computer and use an "undelete" app to get them back. Maybe.
If the photos were on the internal storage of the phone, they are gone.