I just bought a Galaxy Core LTE, where and how do I start learning the basics?


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I just bought a Galaxy Core LTE, where and how to start learning the basics.

I'm trying to establish a foundation for working with my new phone. I know nearly zip about the Android OS and all that that links to, I'm finding the index doesn't have obvious doorways which newbies can enter, learn, get comfy & up to speed. Not complaining, just reminding you of people who don't yet know enough to know what to ask. I remember how life was before I forgot how being new felt. A story...Einstein & a colleague struck a bet that the colleague could explain the theory of relativity to anyone that Einstein would name. He chose a young boy, smart but young. The explanation started and Einstein started preparing his wallet; the explanation was so clear that he knew he already had lost. The bet was finalized by Einstein having some Q&A with the boy in order to prove what by now was very clear to him: was there any doubt that the boy now understood. His first question to repeat back what the boy heard and understood to be self-evident. The lad famously is said to have replied, "that was very interesting, but tell me, what is a co-ordinate system?"
Me: what is an APK?
Sorry to drone on but I found the story as informative as it was amusing.

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