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I just dropped my phone, what should I do ?


AC Question

I've got my note 3 for 1 year and this is the third time i dropped. But this time I dropped it with the cable connected to the phone while I was studying for my exam.

After I dropped it this time I notice these symptoms:
1. Whenever I off the screen, it takes too long to switch on the screen (sometimes it turned on but I can't unlock, so i need to wait a like 10 minutes then turn it on again and i can unlock it, but mostly when usb cable is attached during charging now)
2. I can't use access GPS or use any apps that using GPS like waze and google maps.
3. I can't access my google accounts (thus Play store, gmail and etc is not available)
4. I can on my bluetooth and discover other devices BUT I cant pair/sent with my laptops or any devices and it seems it takes too long to respond.
5. I can't find it on "My Computer" in my laptops but the driver is detected in device manager with an exclamation mark!
6. It now takes like a few hours to sent a text message.
7. Other apps take longer to respond and notification pop out like a few hours after i already read it on the apps(ex: instagram) except for whatsapp.
8. The phone take longer to start. (i mean services, like i can only turn off the screen after it has been vibrate)
(usually it vibrate right away after the phone is started, but now it takes longer like after 5 minutes)
9. Sometimes when im on call I cant turn on the screen back. thus i cant end the call.
10. I cant access the hidden service menu anymore *#0*# or any other code.

Luckily whatsapp work just fine.

The question is, I would like to ask help from expert how to deal with this problem.
like can a factory reset/hard reset solve this problems ?

or should i open the casing and look at the hardware ?

p/s: Im currently waiting to buy a new sd card to backup the internal memory.

-My note 3 come with 32GB internal memory, so i dont buy any sd card yet.
-I still with android 4.4.2 KitKat it comes with (didn't do any updates OS updates)
-sometimes i accidentally pressed "Factory data reset" but then I press the home key and end all application.
-never been rooted


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Dec 25, 2013
Save all your media to a pc if you can. Sync every option to your Samsung account before you sync the options you want to your Google account. Remember your Samsung account login, or set up an account now.

Back up with USB to Samsung Smart Switch (or Kies) on the pc.

Don't bother or wait for an sd card to back up. If you don't have a pc, ask a friend or teacher - it's safe.

Use SMS Backup + (or SMS Backup and Restore) to save your sms and call log (to your Gmail inbox with SMS Backup +).

This could be your last chance. You're still lucky.

Then worry about if it can be repaired. Get an estimate from someone reputable. It may be loose fixings, but expect to lose the device.