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Apr 20, 2014
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The Pixel 10 series has some very interesting news. I'm on my 3rd Galaxy series phone, (S22 Ultra), but am considering next time Pixel as this particular phone has had various glitches. I was thinking a stock Android phone would be good to try for something different next time. Similar to iPhone where the manufacturer makes the phone and controls the software.

Apparently Pixel will ditch the Samsung partnered tensor chip. This is the reason why I'm not considering the upcoming Pixel 9 serious. Instead, Pixel 10 will feature for the first time the very well regarded and superior Taiwanese brand TSMC chip.

I'll skip definately the Pixel 9 and look forward to further spec information for the Pixel 10. But the TMSC chip is definately confirmed for the Pixel 10.

Any thoughts? Anyone else considering Pixel 9 perhaps persuaded to wait till Pixel 10?
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Matt Casey

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Dec 24, 2012
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I have a Pixel 8a, which I'm very happy with. My impression is that now with the current Tensor 3 chipset in the 8 series, it's gotten pretty good. I would think as you say the Tensor 9 will be further refinement and incremental performance improvement, whereas the Tensor 10 will be more significant change. I can see your logic to wait until the Pixel 10, but then again if the Pixel 9 gets good reviews you would get a more established chipset, whereas with the Tensor 10 it might be more uncertain how it would perform.

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