I might just need a new phone altogether, but I need to know if this can be fixed.


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Feb 15, 2017
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I've had this model phone for over a year now. But there's a problem with it that pretty much turns me off to HTC altogether.
I don't know if it's because of overcharging or whatever, but it's gotten to a point where my phone battery icon doesn't even display the right percentage.
This whole problem started around when I first downloaded the Spotify app. One day, while I was listening to music, something bizarre happens: the media volume gets cut in half. As in, it turns itself down. For a while, I thought Spotify had some hidden setting that turns my volume up and down depending on how my body moved. I was wrong.
The volume problem subsided after about a couple weeks. Then one day, after I get off work and turn off Extreme Battery Saver mode after not using said mode for a few days (never using that again BTW, since I think that's one of the reasons why my phone is locked in this current state), it came back again. Volume went up and down again. But there was also something else I noticed (I noticed it when this problem first started, but never gave it much consideration). There was also an exclamation mark on the battery icon. I know full well what it means (which is that my battery is dying faster than usual), but whenever that exclamation mark shows up, my volume goes down. Another thing is that, when I experimented with my phone a bit and restarted it, the battery goes back to saying it's at 75% (exclamation mark wasn't showing). Before I restarted the phone, the stupid battery icon was saying it was at 15% (with the exclamation mark on the icon). And on top of that, when I launched Spotify and played music, the volume goes down the moment music starts playing.
The next day, when I wake up and check my phone for notifications, the phone was locked at 15%. My guess was that the exclamation mark showed up again while my phone was charging all night, shoots the percentage down and stays there.
Now (days after I noticed what was really Going on) whenever I leave my apartment to go to work, my phone battery icon gets an exclamation mark, goes down to 1% now, and stays there. For hours. Therefore, I have no idea what my REAL battery percentage is, and it pisses me off. And my media volume is always cut in half.
All I want to know is how to fix this problem so I can listen to my music at the preferred volume, and fix the stupid icon.

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