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I need a new number on my old phone

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I put my old number on my new phone but now want a new number on my old phone how do I do that? My niece wants my old phone with minutes on it and I don't know how to put a new phone number on it

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Talk to your carrier about this. If you're going to give the phone to your niece, I would remove your Google account first (in Settings>Accounts​), then factory reset it. Then set it up like a brand new phone with your niece's Google account, and insert the new SIM card that you get from your carrier.


Well-known member
Jan 11, 2014
Your old phone no longer has a number on it so it can be activated with a new SIM card the same way a new phone would. If you're on a carrier plan I would talk to your carrier about adding a line, it would probably be the cheapest way to go. Otherwise you could go pick up a prepaid SIM kit at the store and activate the phone following the instructions that come along. Its important to ensure the phone is compatible with the prepaid network and is unlocked if you go that route.

If you need further assistance please register for an account on here to continue the discussion and let us know what kind of phone the old one is, and what carrier you use.