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i need help for my samsung galaxy note 4


AC Question

Does anyone tried or knows how to root a LOCKED Samsung galaxy note 4 exynos versions without changing or replacing the stock firmware safely? The reason is, I just want to install the galaxy s6 or s7 theme on my note 4 just to change the user interface for a new look. For example like changing the orange color sms interface. However, I don't want to use any third party sms app.

Model number- SM-N910C
Android version- 5.1.1 lollipop
Android security patch level- 2016-07-01
Baseband version- N910CXXU1COJ5
Kernel version- 3. 10. 9-6035384
dpi@SWDD6014 #1
Wed Jul 6 18:32:42 KST 2016
Build number- LMY47X.N910CXXS2CPG1