I need help. I can not update my Old tv box

Lareno Lares

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Aug 26, 2018
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I need help. I hace Matricom MX G-Box Midnight Dual Core Android 4.0.1 . The box can't permit update Matricom G-Box MX Midnight. No recent official or custom firmware appears. Sorry for my english I'm using a translator. i need update my box please.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Are you certain that there is an update available? An Android device can't just load any update, it has to be written by the manufacturer for the specific device. Since it was made in 2014, I really doubt that you'll see any updates now, 4 years later.

I've looked for ROMs you can install, but there are a few models of the Matricom MX G-Box Midnight Dual Core, so you;d have to google Matricom MX G-Box Midnight Dual Core firmware update, but include the model number in the name. Is it a Q, an MX2 - you can't use the firmware from one to update another. I've just seen a few reports of the box bricking when you try that - and there's no way to unbrick it.