I own an android, I get notifications abt keeping my iPhone alerts on. WHY?


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Jun 29, 2022
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I am in the middle of a custody battle. The minor in question is visiting the aunt on the paternal father's side who filed for custody, who also has an iPhone and works for a police dept. I have found 6 digit codes on my account phone log connected to my daughters phone and when Googled the answer came up immediately being "how to forward; send and receive text from a dual Sim phone (which my daughter has)to an iphone" when my daughter first went to visit I realized my Gmail was synced to her phone and a week later I quickly unsynced and changed my password. This I am asking about was a yahoo notification I got when trying to access my Microsoft account via my phone. Prior to this a few weeks bk I got a strange notification when changing my password again in Gmail via desktop. The 2 step verification asked whether to text or call the number provided showing the last 2 digits... of a number I did not recognize. It quickly switched screens and performed as normal. I do realize alot of text are being backed up with contact numbers then followed by an email @one.att.net...even my lawyers emails. I contacted att bc it is only text that pertain to the custody case or would be of interest to the aunt ( or so she thinks, to gain as evidence) but no explanation. Also, no explanation as to why my daughter's call times on the account are not matching my call logs on my phone, as I will need this for court. The rep cld only suggest my lawyer contact att legal dept. to retain detailed records, i do not have enough time for this and my lawyer suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. Att also cannot explain the 2 digit numeral codes on the account and I have checked short codes. No luck. Any suggestions? My Google account shows 3 devices logged in all from my state, 1 is my galaxy s21 ultra the other 2 show an iPhone. One says not signed on since may. I have changed my password was again. I need to find out if this is the aunt or who it is or what is going on. I did track an ip to Ohio and the aunt lives in Nevada. All the info I get is more than likely a static ip address.


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