I own Samsung j7 prime and I want to lower the amount of rings for calls on my phone.

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I am a uber driver, so of course I utilize my j7 quite a bit for work, and need not only the data but the phone service as well to talk to clients.
This means i receive other calls as well, which I have to forward my calls by swiping.
Having to swipe takes my hands off the wheel, not a great thing to do when I'm working.

I decided to lower the amount of rings on my j7 prime, but found I cannot.
This discovery has been a head scratcher, because as I researched over the web I found nothing except people telling how to increase the amount of rings. What's even worst is any time I email or get on a forum to ask about it, it seems no one understands my question that, ( I feel is fairly straightforward and simple), or people come back with the response, "your provider has to change it", and still most of the people are talking about increasing the number of rings.

This is extremely aggravating for me because I remember ten years ago my mom still had cordless land line that you can set you rings right there on your phone.

I have found out that this is not only normal universally but also I seen that some parts of the country it can not be done at all. I dont know if that's true or not but that's what I got from it.

My question is, "why with all the other things you can do with your smartphone to change all kinds of different settings, is something as simple as adjusting the amount of rings/time on your smartphone even a thing?
This is insane and makes absolutely no sense at all!

What is the reason for this?

If I was a crazy conspiracy theorist I would think that the amount rings are some sort of national secret, and if you go digging around some, " Men in Black ", people will show up and at my home and I'll never be seen again.

I will say that if that were to happen it would be cool if it was Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith that show up!

Anything you could tell me would be nice.
Thank you


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Feb 12, 2012
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Call your voicemail. Check the menus for "time until call goes to voicemail" (it's by time, not by number of rings). Figure 5 seconds per ring, then add 2 seconds. (So if you wanted 2 rings, then voicemail, that would be 12 seconds.)

If you can't find it, call your carrier's customer service. They can do it for you.

(Voicemail is maintained by the carrier. Some phones claim to be able to reject a call after a fixed amount of time. I wouldn't depend on it - set the system itself for the time.)