I really need your help, I"m getting called a liar!!


Oct 13, 2010
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So, much like everyone that was waiting for this phone... I stayed up till the early morning to preorder my SG3... I was pleasantly surprised to see that the two phones for some reason had $50 dollar discounts... So, the 32 GB had a instant 50 dollar discount making it 199 up front... and the 16 GB was for 149. I was ecstatic to see this deal and jumped to preorder... For some reason my credit card was declined and basically I lost a full day of being able to order the phone. The very next day, when my card was cleared up... the discount was gone. Now I know some of you have seen this deal and got it but every time I call Verizon, they called me a liar... even one of them had the nerve to say "I'm not calling you a liar...but I don't think that's the truth"...(basically called me a liar) this has been happenning with every representative I've spoken to... lucky for me, they said if I can prove it, I can get that discount. This is where I need your help... I need someone who either screen capped the deal... or a copy of their receipt...(of course please erase important information; account info, phone #, etc) just a image showing that the $50 dollar discount did exist. I appreciate any help or information you can provide in helping me prove them wrong...

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Jun 11, 2010
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I don't think it was a discount on the phone. What people got was the new every two discount which ranged from 30 to 50 depending on their existing tier plans. If you were due an upgrade then you should have one more NE2 left.

Google new every two. There's a very good explanation of it. You can then see if you qualify and if so, call them and ask that it be credited to your account. And remember csr's are people too; they will be more inclined to help you if approach them asking for their assistance rather than demanding something you feel you are owed.

As far as there having been an actual 50 discount on the phone, I think you're chasing a mirage.

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