I sure hope these Android 14 features are optional


Feb 23, 2011
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I guess I'll be the odd man out here. The primary reason I never want to update is because there's never anything added worth updating for, but there's always bugs added or frequently used features removed. Since I'm still on an LG phone, hopefully they are done downgrading my phone with updates.

As for Android 14 specifically, let's see...

Lock screen customization and flash notifications are already possible from the manufacturers, so that's nothing special unless your preferred manufacturer is too lazy to program it in.

HDR is a photography technique, not a "format," and the colors are baked into the final image image. HDR data preservation simply isn't a thing, not even with dedicated cameras and advanced photo editing programs on PC. The Ultra HDR feature sounds like nothing but a marketing gimmick and suggests there's some funny business in how the images are being stored/rendered if that article is correct.

Call it personal preference, but I'm fine with a 4 digit PIN. If you want longer, use the password option instead. No need to change this up.

The rest of all that just simply doesn't interest me.

What would interest me is the ability to block updates. No more postponing and refusing the prompt, only to wake up one morning to find your device ran the update overnight without your permission. Can we get that feature?