I want to know what app has this icon?


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I'm looking for an app I don't know the name of but I saw it on another android smartphone around May 2015. Basically, it looks like a world map (globe) with a metal base support, suggesting that it's a light bulb. So, it's a light bulb with a globe inside (continents are in red). Initially I thought it was a mushroom (fly agaric), but then realized that it's a light bulb.
Please let me know what app it is. Might be a Russian app. Thanks!


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Jan 4, 2017
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Hey, it's me again. Here above is the screen (best quality I have). The icon is the last one in the left side.
Figured out it looks more like a lightbulb than a mushroom, actually. My guesses are: Galaxy internet service, language translator or world news app.
Any further help... please? :-