I Want To Turn My Galaxy S3 Into Mobile Sound Sampler


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Aug 9, 2013
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Alright, so I've got back into making music, and I since I am constantly mobile and encountering people and things I want to record, I thought it would be best to use what I have to do this. The device that first comes to mind is my Galaxy S3. I have a USB M-Audio Vocal Pro microphone that I would like to connect to it, and I also have some other random microphones that have 1/4" and 3.5mm male TRRS ends.

I am thinking one of these could work with the M-Audio or some other plug and play USB microphone, but I'm not sure.

Are there any apps or 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm - 1/4" TRRS adapters that would work so I could just use that microphone for audio input instead of the crap mic built into the device? This may not be safe, but I would also like the ability to, say, plug my guitar amp (at low volume to be safe) into the phone, so I could record directly into the S3, and upload to the computer later. It would also be great to hear what I am recording as I am recording it.

I am also in the market for a good microphone if anyone knows of one. I would like to be able to connect it to my computer, phone, and DSLR, but beggers can't be choosers.

I could really use some help, and any help is greatly appreciated.

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