I9505 - CM13 - no phoneook syncing in car


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Dec 23, 2016
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Dear all,
I`m one of this users what are using phone to call and take photo of nice situation in life.
I use I9505 with TWRP root and all Custom Roms what was develop. I have one big isse with phonebook syncing with car. I test more than all roms for S4, and only in 5 of them this function is working. Those 5 Roms are Lollipop roms (cm12.1). But - in all CM12.1 for S4 there is a another issue (to dark screen and big battery drain). In rest LP roms, phonebook is not syncing.
Another situation is with MM Roms. In all of them screen is normal, battery works much better, but no full phonebook can be sync. It allways miss some contacts.
What does mine? That someone can fix it! I try several ways - Use phonebook app, try to save contacts in phone memory, change display contacts, save to another groups - nothing. Still I can see the same contacts, without rest.

Help, maybe we can fix somehow. I can participate with tests. But let`s someone start to be also interested - why this is not working.

Marry Christmas for all!