If you are having problems after updating to Nougat please read


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Dec 24, 2011
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Not everyone needs to perform a factory reset after updating to Nougat. Some people are having great results without doing so. However, if you have already wiped your cache partition, cleared cached data for all apps, reset your settings and are still having problems, it is time to start considering a factory reset.

If you are still having problems after a factory reset then you have restored either corrupt settings, corrupt data or both. If you did not do a restore, then you are installing an application that is either not compatible or not functioning properly with Nougat. My recommendation for these people is the following.

Perform a factory reset. Do not restore anything. Only copy over your important media and files that you have backed up. I can 100% guarantee you at this point your phone will be running pristine, unless it is defective.

From this point on do not install all your desired apps at one time. Install them one at a time as needed from the Play Store or Galaxy Apps store and do not restore any of your apps. If you install apps using this method and then all of a sudden you start having issues, start uninstalling one app every 24 hours monitoring your device in between. Start from your last app that you installed. This will help you find the app that is causing your problems.

This can be time consuming but if you have tried everything else and you are still having problems this method will give you optimal battery life and performance with the best possible user experience.

I hope this information helps you find your way to a happy Nougat☺
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