I'm a diehard Pixel user, but I'm considering a change for two reasons (and I'm not alone)


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Jan 5, 2019
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LINK: I'm a diehard Pixel user, but I'm considering a change for two reasons (and I'm not alone)

I have to admit that I agree a little bit with the author that Google appears to be lumbering into AI overkill (love the idea of AI for photos and other media, not so keen on much of the rest of it), but disagree with the "bland designs" judgement (love the design and feel of my Pixel 8 Pro). What say you?

PS: I understand that ZDNet is not necessarily an authority on Android...or even mobile. 😉


Feb 25, 2024
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It's a good aspect to see that Android always keeps their phone up to date with the latest software that should be enough for him. It's terrible that the statistics show people wanting to change over a 50% chance but 23% more users were dissatisfied compared to Apple isn't bad.


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Nov 12, 2013
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This has been Google since the dawn of Pixel (RIP Nexus). While not AI from a technical standpoint, their cameras have always relied on software enhancement, basically dumb(but clever) low level AI.

Same goes for the OS, call screening for example, automation (I know not AI) but another example of where Google relies on arguably gimmicks over an amazing phone as a whole.

Google will push AI until they abandon it for the next big thing related or not. My prediction is they will not catch up to OpenAI. Having used the latest features for a few months (like voice chat) before release, I've been waiting for it to go public to make that statement for a long time how OpenAI has one the first section of the marathon at a huge lead.

As for Pixel specifically, Google needs to win back people. Either better hardware or lower prices. They sell up mid-range (or lower high-end) devices at premium prices. They are lost, as usual, and are stalled. I was a long time Nexus and midway up to Pixel 3XL fan and moved to Samsung and don't miss Google.

As I've said before, Google used to be the cool rebellious kid in tech and now become the Gillian, I want as little Google with my Google as possible.

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