I'm getting an unknown notification like tone every minute on my New Galaxy S5 With Android Lollipop. How can I stop this?


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Jul 19, 2015
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So 2 days ago I got the Galaxy S5 and everything was fine until after I updated to OS Lollipop and everything was still fine till the next day when I was listening to music and video and they would get interrupted with a tone (ding-ding) as if I had a notification bit not is there and I can't tell where it's coming from and it's really annoying.

I searched up to see if anyone else's had this problem and I found this site but it was on older generation phones and the way they solved the problem was turning notification noise on emails. I did and still dinged them they said yahoo email and that's not even on my phone. Someone please help.

P. S. when I have the phone locked the ding makes the screen turn on. And I know it's a notification because when I turn off notification volume all the way down I don't hear it. Lastly I don't have a SIM CARD in right now (still waiting on it) but I don't believe that's the problem because I didn't hear the sound till this morning, shouldn't I have heard from the beginning of after I updated to Lollipop a day later. I'm going to to see if my mums SIM CARD fixes the problem

Thanks for reading all this if you can help me fix this I would very much appreciate it.


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May 23, 2010
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Is there an icon that accompanies the notification tone? If so, try taking a screen shot and post it for us to see. In the meantime, I would try checking the SIM card, which you are already doing, and making sure you don't have any reminders or alerts set when you think you don't.

By the way, welcome to Android Central!


Aug 29, 2013
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Yup. Same here. It started a couple of days ago and it's driving me crazy. It's like a popping sound, similar to the bottle cap notification sound, but not quite. There's no notification icon that comes with it and doesn't seem to be any obvious app that's trying to notify me. It's getting very annoying now as it's even going off when I'm at work and my phone is on silent! I desperately don't want to have to do a factory reset as that's such a major pain. This is starting to become pretty frustrating. First that damn virus with the popup game pages all the time and now this. First time I've every had any what seem like viral problems with a Galaxy phone. Looks like Samsung / Android really need to tighten up their security.

For the record, I did everthing suggested to fix the popup game issue too so the phone is loaded to the eyeballs with antivirus, anti spam, adblockers etc and still not fixed that particular issue. But I was ok to ignore that problem as it wasn't so obtrusive, but this popping notification sound is going to be a major problem.

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