I'm lost (so many smartphones to choose from!)y


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Hi, I currently own a nexus 5 (runs pretty smooth, but the screen have a lot of crack). I'm looking for an upgrade, but there are so many phones in the market to choose from.... my budget is under $700.

I will talk about my lifestyle, it might help. Going to be college student soon, so there might be times I will be dropping my phone. I don't really use earphones, but might start using in school and dorm for privacy purposes. Also, there I might need of good camera to take pictures for my course work inspiration (have dslr, but can't carry everyday). However, I rarely use camera. I don't really game on my phone (only when I'm bored), just browsing, YouTube, and social media.

I'm thinking of
-Samsung s7 edge (heard the phone slows down dramatically)
-google pixel (pure android and google fi?)
-Lg v20
-xiaomi mi mix (I'm going to China this winter for vacation) really good specs on paper, but not sure about the OS
Maybe iPhone 7? quite disappointed...
Any other recommendations?

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