Impact Protection? Phone would only turn on after being plugged into PC USB?

Allan Preston

Jun 2, 2015
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I was out cycling today, when I hit a pothole. The front wheel locked up, and I slammed into the handlebars. My S6 was in the breast pocket and took the brunt of the force.

Got home, removed it from its Otterbox, screen looked shattered, but, it turned out to just be the glass screen protector. The screen under was undamaged, totally undamaged, but the device was turned off, and would not power on at all. Tried every combination of buttons, dead.

I had a thought to hook it to my PC, to try and recover the photos from it, don't know WHY I thought to do that.

The second I plugged it into the USB, the screen lit up. Two words in the center of the screen "RESETTING DEVICE", it then did a battery check, a memory check, and a file system check. Then turned on normally.

I'm guessing the impact triggered some form of impact protection, which shut the device down until connected to a USB?

Is this correct? Is this "normal"?