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Import Windows Music folders to create playlists in Moto

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Transfer via Bluetooth brings spotty and fragmented songs that are hard to identify (ie, largo, andante, etc in classical files). Would like to be able to import entire Windows Music folders. Also, Google also doesn't let me create or reorganize the scattered music into reasonable playlists. Would appreciate any help!! Thanks.


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Feb 12, 2012
Folders and playlists have nothing to do with one another. A folder is an entry the same as a file is, but the "directory" bit is set. It's just a file entry with no file. (Which is why you should create the folder in the phone, then copy all the files from that folder in Windows to the same named folder in the phone.)

The playlist is dependent on the app you're using it with - different apps handle play lists differently, and keep them in different formats.