In-car audio + 3.5" jack calls: works pretty well


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Jan 4, 2012
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I had a rental car with a bluetooth audio system, and it sync'd up nicely with the Nexus. I could play music and podcasts through the car's stereo with the phone. When a call came in, the music paused and the call became a speakerphone call. When the call ended, the music resumed from where it paused. Perfect.

In the car I'm currently in, no Bluetooth, no aux input jack... the only way to get phone audio into the car's audio system is by FM transmitter. And that's crap technology. (But it's OK for podcasts, which are mostly speech.)

So the other day a call comes in while I'm listening to a podcast. I just answer it, with the FM xmitr still broadcasting, playing through the car audio. And damn if it works like you want it to: the car audio becomes a speakerphone, and the phone mic is live for you to talk into. It's not perfect, but convenient, and a very nice way to make a call.

I know some of you have experienced this and know this. This post is for anyone who hasn't tried it. It works great.

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