In The Belly of the Beast (of Google)


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Aug 2, 2012
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No natter how much I try no matter how much I try to fight it. I need googles services. I can't live without Google Maps. Then I can't function without gmail. I use outlook as my main email account sure, but that gmail is hooked onto all of the stuff I sign up for. Those who founded Google were some geniuses when they brought services first and not last. Microsoft is kinda the same way, but they have their fingers in multiple pies so to speak.

I tried so much to have things my way when it came to my mobile phone. But now I'm about to get Nexus 4. After I championed getting phones with microsd card slots for so long. Its being done to bring down costs more than anything.(Once I leave Verizon, the phone bill my mom currently pays goes down about a $100 dollars. I have a job now so I can take care of myself.) Once I leave my RAZR M and go to Nexus 4, I'll have to use googles services more and more and I'm even considering getting a chromebook soon.

No matter how much I try I still wade into the belly of the beast of Google and I won't regret a thing about it. I love their services and I hope that I don't get a Nexus 4 and regret it. I maybe a security minded person but I rather let Google have my info and I get to enjoy their services more than anything else right about now.

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Nov 25, 2010
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I don't see why you wouldn't be pleased with the Nexus 4. Its a great device and gives you straight clean access to all you have mentioned with Google's services like Gmail and other resources.

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