in WAY over my head!! Updating to 4.0.4??


Jun 8, 2012
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OK so I got my Nexus in March on Virgin network Australia. Its running 4.0.2. Im beyond over it, it just does not maintain connectivity/signal, no matter what. Ive tried new SIMs, factory reboot, all the standard stuff they say to try. Went to my local Virgin shop the other day and they jumped on Google and said that its not me, its the phone. Long story short, I found out about the update to 4.0.4, and that its not released in Oz yet. Well, I'm ropable. Im paying for a service I do not have on a phone that is basically a glorified Angry Birds machine. Asked the sales manager what I could do, and he said that I would have to contact customer support and ask them to either release me from the contract and get a new phone (they refuse!!) or do a manual update of the OS because Virgin isnt likely to do it for another several months.

Here's my problem... Ive seen all the "guides" on here, but I have no clue. Seriously, I may as well be reading greek. I can work a computer and I can work a phone, but flashing a rom? what, do I take off my Bra and dance at my circuit board?? I would love if someone can point me to a dummie's guide to updating my Galaxy Nexux to 4.0.4. So far I have tried the forced update through Apps, but it didnt work. So guess I need to risk bricking it.

So, uh, help? Please? Ive downloaded all these files I have no idea what they are for, but theyre called recovery clockwork, fastboot and su404 but I am afraid to open them LOL.

If anyone is in Australia, I am happy to do it via (landline) telephone! Im just really not keen on attempting this without someone holding my hand and Ive looked at so much information now its just overloaded me.

OK sorry it was meant to be short and sweet, but more like long and painful :-[.

Thanks anyhow.


May 19, 2012
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The goodthing is you have a good
phone, as for Virgin, its a bit like
buying a Ferrari and using E10 fuel
and wondering why nothing works
correctly. What I mean by this
is when you buy a phone through
a carrier (on a plan) the carrier
tweiks the phone and makes other
mods for their network and places
restrictions on the phone.

Updating your phone should not
stop your phone work on the
network. Virgin are the no frills
carrier, Im reasonably sure its
not your phone being the problem.
If you have a cooling off period,
use it and take the phone back.

Being on any plan is going to cause
you some sort of greif, weather
it being a billing issue or anything
else, I bet Virgin cust service is
only open 9 - 5 mon to fri.

My advice is buy a phone out right,
and not a budget phone like a Galaxy Ace, consider a Galaxy
S2 or equivalant, even a good 2nd hand one, make sure its not locked
to any network, get Telstra prepaid.
Then you'll have a premium phone
with Premium carrier, no contracts,
no billing issues, no technical issues.

I was with Telstra on contract for 10
years, very expensive. Then I
changed to Vodafone prepaid for
5 years. I driving out in the middle
of NSW and had no service, I found
a tower that had 1 antenna on it, still had no service, so I did a manual carrier search and only 1 came up that was Telstra. Now
im back with Telstra prepaid with
a Galaxy S2 (Bought outright)
im getting the same amout in calls
and I get 3 gig of data same as when I was with Vadafone for an extra $10 a month ($60) I know a lot people look at the $$ signs,
My point being on all this, if you
have a toy carrier, you cant expect
good service and cust service, you
can expect bad service almost no
cust service and on going problems.

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