Incoming SMS going to Gmail on Pixel 4a

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A few details from questions asked by others on similar forums.

These are texts being sent from an established chat session that neither side has made changes to since the first text was sent years ago.

Texts were sending normally this morning and suddenly around 1:00 pm changed to arriving as emails.

It is not an exchange email, it is a Gmail account using the email app that comes with the phone.

Pixel 4a on my end, Samsung Galaxy on their end.

I do not have Google Voice.

Some details make me think it's something on their end since sender's address is at being sent my personal Gmail account.

They do not receive my texts at all when I send them.

They are not techie, have been using all phone defaults since their first smartphone so no playing around with settings on their end.

No changes made on my end since first getting phone.

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